Bad Media

case study

Bad Media

A short scene created for Instagram, highlighting advanced 3D and compositing techniques. The project showcases my expertise in Blender 3D, Adobe, and Mixamo.

The objective was to create a visually captivating scene with a focus on realistic fire simulation. I aimed to blend technical skills with creative storytelling to engage viewers on Instagram.

Inspired by Blender's fire simulation capabilities, I integrated character animation into the scene. The goal was to create a dynamic video that showcases technical proficiency and creativity.

Starting with the fire simulation in Blender 3D, I focused on creating a realistic central element. The character was designed using Adobe tools and rigged in Mixamo to complement the fiery environment.

The pivotal moment was the final integration of all elements. I meticulously composited the scene in Blender, added lighting, and defined the color palette. In After Effects, I created transitions, applied a glitch effect, and composed the title animation for a looping effect.

The project received positive feedback on Instagram for its dynamic visuals and seamless integration. The custom audio mix enhanced the viewing experience, making the video resonate with the audience.

"Bad Media" demonstrates my skills in 3D animation, compositing, and creative storytelling. It reflects my commitment to pushing creative boundaries and continuously improving my craft.