case study


Inspired by George Orwell's "1984", I began by developing a moodboard to establish the visual style and thematic elements of the project. The next step was to find a camera blueprint that would serve as a reference for creating a 3D model from scratch using Blender. This was my first endeavor in building a model entirely from scratch.

I modeled a surveillance camera with an embedded eye, animating the eye within the lens to symbolize digital observation. The next phase involved using Adobe Fuse to design a human character, which was then animated in Mixamo. I crafted a scene that included a desk, chair, and a futuristic computer to enhance the setting.

For the animation, I created the UI HUD elements in Photoshop and finalized the animation in After Effects, incorporating lighting and atmospheric effects to add depth and realism. This comprehensive process, combining various tools and techniques, resulted in a visually compelling narrative that showcases my skills in VFX and animation, and highlights the critical theme of surveillance in the digital age.