Engadin Recruit Branding & Rebranding

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Engadin Recruit Branding & Rebranding

The Goal

Position Engadin Recruit as the leading recruiting agency in the region by creating a compelling brand identity and effective marketing materials.

The Gap

Initially, Pizhire needed a brand identity reflecting quality and regional expertise. We developed two brand versions, creating a cohesive visual language across all touchpoints. The first ad campaign achieved a 60% conversion rate and overbooked candidate interviews in two weeks. A legal mandate later required a swift rebrand to Engadin Recruit.

The Gamble & The Gain

We executed the rebrand quickly, integrating the new name while retaining core visual elements. The updated ads maintained high conversion rates and engagement, ensuring brand recognition and trust remained intact.


  • Ad Campaign Conversion Rate: 60%
  • Candidate Interviews: Overbooked in two weeks
  • Bounce Rate Reduction: 25%
  • Brand Recognition: Maintained despite name change

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